Here are the latest three chastity devices my bf trox has built on my request. The oldest is the black one on the right side with a length of 50 mm and a solid brass plug protruding 28 mm.The one in the middle is 37 mm in total length and its flexible silicone plug protrudes 40 mm. Both are very comfortable to wear as my bf trox reports and due to the plugs no pullout is possible.The left one is a very short prototype with a variable length of 36 mm to 31 mm made from brass and aluminium. But at the shortest setting the remaining space between the A ring and cage is too less to ensure enough blood circulation to the scrotum and balls trox reported after a short first trial. So there a modification of the A ring is necessary. I want to keep him chaste and even shorter by the time, but I really do not want to castrate my beloved honey. Later on a plug for security will be fitted.After a short release for the shooting trox had to clean in the shower under my supervision and I locked him up again in the cage in the middle. On this occasion I could measure a reduction of his flaccid member length from 12 cm to 4 cm after a wearing time of one week. Funny to see when I showed him my naked boobs and pussy while he was showering without the cage his cock got hard but was only less than 12 cm in length. Before the procedure I measured a hard length of 16 cm on him. I will get him shorter!Youralphagirl Alina