viernes, 24 de junio de 2016

La alegría de la negación

Hace horas, que comenzó nuestro pequeño juego. 

Ella empieza lentamente como un inofensivo juego; practicando un poco de control. 

Él se somete voluntariamente a esta suave sumisión. Él se pone las manos juntas por detrás sin atarse, para evitar tocarse. Él ya estaba excitado desde que ella se había quitado la ropa, y se puso el camisón sin bragas. Ella miraba su programa favorito en la televisión y de tanto en tanto le acariciaba el pelo su pecho, y sus manos también acariciaron ligeramente sus pezones. Otros momentos le besaba profundamente. Se fue abajo en él, humedeciendo y para sensibilizar más su tacto. Aumentó su deseo. A medida que su cuerpo se acercó clímax, ella podía sentirlo al aumentar el poco empuje que podía hacer. Ella se paró para contenerlo, para mantener su semen dentro de él ... , el no podía tocarse. Al cabo de un rato volvió a estimular su pene, dejandolo justo al límite del punto de no retorno, y luego paró por completo, hasta que una de tantas, él alcanzó una palpitante eyaculación sin ninguna otra estimulación, una eyaculación al aire. 



The Evil Joy of Denial
Four hours ago, you started a little game. It was a harmless game; a little exercise in control. 
He voluntarily submitted to gentle bondage. 
He allowed himself to be spread-eagled to the four posts of the bed. 
He was already aroused by the time you had taken off your clothes, changed into a thong and a bra and took up a position next to his head. 
You stroked his chest hair, allowing your hands to lightly brush against his nipples. 
You kissed deeply. 
You went down on him, moistening him and sensitizing him to your touch. 
You mounted him, helping yourself to his desire. 
As his body approached climax, you could feel him increasing what little thrust his bonds allowed him and you started to rise. He rose up to meet you, to keep him inside of you…but, tied as he was, he could not stay inside. 
You rose off his penis, letting its tip stay just at the entrance, then pulled completely off, leaving it reaching and throbbing helplessly in the air. 
You allowed yourself to linger there, just inches from the tip of his penis as his body, arched up towards the ceiling, eventually gave out and collapsed back on the bed. 

yes its the goal in life to be real slaved by Women for ever, in the 
sense of TPE, one day real 24/7x365xX (x=years of lifelong). For me its a
 process to be go real this way. real to be slaved under Women/by Women.
 i cant do it for myself to reach the real goal -i need real the Help of
 Women. if the path i want to go real (it is a way for the purposes of 
TPE), completed, then i can not even speak of my ( for example my 
tongue/ my mouth/ my nose/my cock my body /…). All on me as well the 
whole body of me belongs to HER then The adult Female Owner and her 
likely serve Her well as a tool for Their fulfillment. i want real 
extent come without a role game. i want to leave this stage of 
role-playing behind me and live exclusively reality.  i have seen on
 the first attempt and real encounters never regretted this realization 
again addressed or statement about the regret to be that i have the goal
 real to a lower slave / pet to let me turn permanently, which will be 
nothing more than a servant / pet / slave among (adult) Women.
 representation of the pet / slave corresponds to that for which i am to
 let me humiliate life sentence without possibility of Recall own real 
life imprisonment ready. This
 means that Every (adult!) Lady on meet in life real has the right even 
at a first 
meeting about me, to meet me from the first moment as An absolute 
Femininity inferior being. Conversely, i will never have the right ever 
to speak Of (adult) Femininity again. Each adult Female has the right at
 any time to treat me as it deems defines it for Herself and correct. 
Basically, do not count my imagination, but i have to assign me from the
 outset Of /adult) Femininity totally under. i see it as my duty to obey
 to The (adult) femininity. For
 me this is not an RolePlayGame, but acknowledge that i have a life 
sentence to 
accept a subordinate existence Of (adult) Femininity, completely 
determines how low my status Of (adult) Femininity and is assigned real 
submissive regards subtill or sub_Till


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